Solutions for Every Industry

Elite has solutions for all of your payment processing needs and proudly offers solutions for virtually all business types and sizes.

B2B & B2G

Securely accept any payment when working with a businesses or a government agency on any device. Receive the additional savings from level 2 and level 3 card optimization. Add on an  ACH service and more.


Have an online store front? Your in the right place! We offer online payment options and integrations for your online needs – including digital gift card options.

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Financial Institutions

Community Banks & Credit Unions –  Our dedicated account specialists offer our partners customized payment solutions options – that include referral programs with the highest level of customer support.

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Seasonal Business

 Accept payments only when you need to. We won’t charge you monthly fees when your business isn’t operating. Our seasonal program is designed to ensure you’re up and running as soon as the seasons change.


Control your success! Choose from winning terminals or POS systems. Accept payments based exactly on your business needs in any environment. Save money with our rate structure options.


Our unbeatable rate structures deliver savings for your existing system OR allow us to connect you with the ideal system.  We partnered with best in the industry. You Choose!



Quickly and securely accept donations from your parishioners in person, or online. You can still send your collection basket around during service to accept cash and check contributions.

Medical Practices

Interface effortlessly with your current practice management system and get paid faster with convenient, contactless ways to pay. Ensure HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance with ease.



Are you a supplier to a government agency? Reduce credit card transaction fees up to 39% through our level 2 and 3 processing gateway platform.

Solutions for Every Industry

FAST APPROVAL! Elite has solutions for all of your payment processing needs and proudly offers solutions for virtually all business types and sizes. Contact Elite for Your Custom Solution


Make it easier than ever for donors to contribute to whatever cause your organization supports. Maximize nonprofit donations by accepting all electronic payments, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH/eChecks

Fleet Services - Wex/Voyager

Our platform partner, one of only six processors in the United States authorized to serve your Fleet Services needs. Delivering a convenient, secure and reliable solution that will help drive your business.

Hotels & Lodging

Explore our integrated POS payment options – reduce costs for hotel, resort and hospitality reservations and credit card processing.

Auto Maintenance & Dealerships

We have proven programs ready to save you time and money! Car dealerships, towing services, brakes, tire shops, body shops, car washes, detailers, and every other auto-related business.


Elite understands the nature of Pop-up shops! We offer flexible hardware and money-saving rate structure options designed to change and grow with your business needs.

High-Risk Business

Elite provides processing for high risk brick-and-mortar or online businesses that sell products in unique verticals. Based on each company’s underwriting guidelines. We have the solution!

Process Payments Based on Your Business’ Needs in ANY Environment

Elite Payment Systems provides merchant services specifically designed for individual business needs on local, regional and national levels.

Brick and Mortar

Accepting bankcards is a necessity for today’s merchants. Elite Payment Systems has a wide variety of custom applications and hardware options. Choose from a terminal or POS System, or we can try to use your existing service. Add on a Gift Card & Loyalty program, Payroll, Working Capital and much more! We will ensure your success!

Online Payments

Robust – Secure – Configurable Options

Your customers will thank you! Gain the flexibility to accept payments from anywhere you can access the internet.

Convert your computer to a processing center, capture signatures, send invoices for payment. email receipts, pay now link, track customers and much more!

Mobile Payments

  Accept payments from anywhere. We make mobile credit card processing easy, fast and secure. You can enter card data, manage accounts and reporting, and email receipts — all from the convenience of your mobile device. Choose the program that meets your exact needs.  Many of our Mobile Apps – include a FREE back-office Virtual Terminal.


 Does your business require the ability to integrate with multiple payment options into a single and seamless experience for your customers?

Whether it’s online, in-person mobile wallet payments, or via payment links. Elite helps you manage a range of online and offline payment methods all from one integration.


Already Processing? Increase Profits with Elite!

Elite Payment Systems has successfully saved thousands of businesses money. It just takes one processing statement for our team of financial pros, to pull every possible savings. Contact us today for your free analysis.


Get Paid Easily & Quickly

Our pricing structures are built on years of industry experience, proven to help any business save money and grow!

Cash Discount OR Surcharge?

Ingenious options to offset or even eliminate your processing fees. 


Elite Payment Systems can help you decide on the program that works best for your business Learn More


Interchange+ Pricing

There are hundreds of card rates governed by the Card Brands. The rate plus the set transaction fee for that specific card is applied to the total dollar value of a sale. For this custom plan, we simply pass through our actual costs from the Card Brands, with a low service fee (+) lining up your sale with the exact rate on interchange.

Tiered Rate Pricing

This simplified plan, takes the hundreds of different card types governed by the Card Brands and groups them into just 3 to 5 buckets or “Tiers”.

This pricing model is ideal for businesses who prefer an easier to understand statement.

Customized Pricing

Our team can help create the best pricing plan. We know you are the expert in your business, and we want to be your expert and advocate in the credit card processing industry. Let us build you a perfect program, and you can focus on running your business and making more money!

Hardware &

POS Options

POS Systems

Shopping for a POS system?

Let us do the work! Retail, Restaurant, Fine Dining, Quick Serve, Hospitality, Cafe, Bar/Nightclub and More!

Systems With NO Upfront Hardware Costs Available

Already have a POS?  We support hundreds of popular systems. Convert, Gain Control & SAVE $$!!

Payment Gateways & Virtual Terminals

Robust – Secure – Configurable.    Many options to choose from.

Convert your computer or smart device into a processing center. Capture signatures with a USB/EMV card reader, send invoices for credit card or ACH payments. email receipts, track customers and much more!



Mobile Card Readers

Accept payments from anywhere.

Choose an Elite Card Reader that works best with your business and preferred iOS or Android device.

Some of our more popular services include Clover Go, Vital Mobile, and Swipe Simple.

Standalone Terminals

Choose from the most popular terminals. Supports EMV chip & PIN, chip & sign, magstripe, signature capture, and NFC/contactless. Our terminals feature powerful multimedia capabilities and large color touchscreens. A wide variety of wireless communication options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 5g

 Analog/Ethernet (Dual Comm) also available.

Software & Integrations

QuickBooks Integration

 Enhance the productivity and functionality of your existing QuickBooks software and save money! We support QB Financial, Online. Extend the life of your QB POS! Intuit ceased support in October 2023. Use your POS with Elite!

Practice Management Bridge

Improve efficiency and enhance patient experience. Interface with your current EMR system to track, manage, report, and reconcile patient payment information. Ensure HIPAA, OSHA, and PCI compliance with ease

Demos Available

Systems Integration

 Our team has extensive experience working with various software, point of sale (POS) systems, gateways, middlewares and terminals. Lets work together on a conversion plan. Gain Control and Save Money with Elite.

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 Elite Value Added Services & Customizations

Gift Cards & Loyalty

Increase sales, build a more loyal customer base and promote your brand. Our programs lead to greater customer retention which drives frequency and engagement, especially during tough economic times. Choose what works best for your business. Physical cards, digital online card programs and more!

PCI Standard

Elite adheres to the set of policies and procedures developed to protect credit, debit and cash card transactions and prevent the misuse of cardholders’ personal information. All card brands require compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Seasonal Status

Accept payments only when you need to. We won’t charge you monthly fees when your business isn’t operating. Our seasonal program is designed to ensure you’re up and running as soon as the seasons change.

Working Capital

Elite offers many programs. Finova Capital for Cash Advance, Clover Capital and more. These programs turn future credit card sales into working capital with easy payback terms, giving you the flexibility to grow your business.

Flat-Rate Billing

Ideal for new businesses that don’t process a lot of credit cards. This super simplified billing option deducts all fees prior to funding.

Processing costs are bundled together – for an easy to understand statement.


Need MultiMID capabilities? Save the added hardware or gateway expense of managing multiple business. Elite offers Merchant Portal, gateways and terminals.

Month-End Billing

This popular and FREE billing option with Elite, deposits 100% of your sales funds. Processing fees are charged within the first week of following month.

Daily Billing

This billing option deducts the discount rate (percentage) prior to funding. The remaining fees such as transaction fees, are charged the first week of the following month. Prefer Flat Rate Billing?  We can do that too!


Payroll Services

MANAGE your workforce more effectively with a user friendly, intuitive, and highly configurable solution that unifies your payroll and HR applications.

Breach Protection

Protects for the cost of an actual or suspected violation of a privacy regulation due to a security breach that results in the unauthorized release of protected personal information which is any private, nonpublic information of any kind in the merchants care, custody or control.

FREE Next Day Funding

Upgrade to FREE next business day funding. Receive your funds in half the time of traditional processing timelines. Automatically access next day funding with a closed batch prior to 8:00 P.M. Central Standard Time

Instant & Same Business Day Funding

 Cash flow and timely funding are vitally important to pay your bills, meet payroll demands and keep your business moving forward. Elite offers instant and same business day funding options to qualifying accounts. Please contact Elite for details.

Let’s discuss how we can work together.

No matter the size or business type, Elite Payment Systems has the solutions to help increase your cash flow, gain new customers, keep loyal customers, differentiate yourself in the market, and grow your business.
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