Elite Premium Packages – Ready!

Based off of years of experience and reviews straight from our merchant clients – we offer “Out-of-the-Box” payment processing products and services. Process Quickly! Tried and True Services

True Cash Discount Program

Reduce your processing charges for accepting
credit cards. Accept EMV and Contactless (NFC) Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa pay
Wave and MasterCard PayPass Can connect via IP, dial, or Wifi.

Offers true discount from the entered price and displays dual pricing at the point of sale. Transparent choice for your customer. They will appreciate it!

Surcharge Program - Hybrid

Our Elite terminals are programmed to differentiate between a credit and debit card and will automatically add the fee where it is needed and pass it through if it is not. This way you do not need to learn anything new. Just type in the amount and insert the card. We will do the rest. If a customer pays with a credit card, they pay a fee. If they pay with a debit card you pay the fee.

Terminals - Programmed & Ready

Allinone’ design with high definition touch color screen. Accept EMV and Contactless (NFC) Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet, Visa pay
Wave and MasterCard PayPass Can connect via IP, dial, or Wifi.

Your terminal is pre-programmed with your preferred services, such as a tip line, retail tip, multi-merchant (for multiple businesses at one location) cash discount program, quick sale/no signature require and more.  Includes complete installation support

Ecommerce Solutions

Seamlessly add Ecommerce options to your Transaction Center. Create an easy-to-use payment page or choose from countless shopping cart templates. All the tools you’ll need to create your website & online store.

Out of Box POS Systems

Clover Options

Swipe Simple

ePOS – Compare to Toast! No Upfront Hardware Costs



QuickBooks Plugin

The Payment Terminal Platform is designed to enhance the productivity and functionality of the QuickBooks you already know.

QuickBooks Financial

QuickBooks POS – extend the life of your POS! Intuit stop support Oct 2023

QuickBooks Online

Mobile Processing with FREE VT

Robust – Secure – Configurable. Accept payments from anywhere. Accept EMV/NFC cards, receive authorizations, capture signatures, and email receipts, all from your own device, on the go.

Payment Page with FREE VT

Low-Cost Payment Page Link.

Customize to your liking and post on your existing website or email the link to your customers for an easy and seamless payment experience.

Virtual Terminal

Convert your computer to a processing center, capture signatures, send invoices for payment. email receipts, pay now link, track customers and much more!

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No matter the size or business type, Elite Payment Systems has the solutions to help increase your cash flow, gain new customers, keep loyal customers, differentiate yourself in the market, and grow your business.

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