Offset or Eliminate Card Processing Fees

A cash discount program is when a business offers customers a monetary incentive to pay with cash rather than using a credit or debit card. This helps lower OR eliminate processing fees for the business.

Choose the program that makes the most sense for your business:

Cash Discount – A cash discount is when you post credit card prices and offer a discount on that price for customers who pay with cash.

Hybrid/Surcharge – A surcharge is when you post cash prices and charge an additional fee on top of that price for customers who pay with a card.

Cash Discount/Dual Pricing – Provides a simple and clear choice to the consumer, by displaying the discounted cash price AND the regular non discounted card price side by side on the screen. The customer then decides which type of payment they prefer to use.

IMPORTANT – Merchants processing under a Cash Discount Program are required by the Card Brands to place signage that informs their customers about the Cash Discount Program. In a retail environment, signage must be placed at the entrance to their business and by the Merchants cash registers. To ensure compliance, we will provide proper signage.

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